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Boarding facilities are on site. Your dog(s) will receive the same care as my own dogs. All boarding dogs will be taken out to run around, even if not paying for training, and basic obedience will be reinforced. If you are boarding your dog(s) with training then we will go over what you would like me to accomplish with your dog(s) while they are in my care. I will always give you an accounting of what I did for training, how the dogs did, what they still need to work on, and (if applicable) what times and how many birds were used for training. Dogs will be required to be up to date on all shots, please be willing to provide veterinary paperwork to verify this. I do require my boarding agreement to be signed, which can be sent to you ahead of time if you would like. All payment for boarding and birds will need to be paid in full at the time of pick up.

All Boarders: please bring your own kennel, bedding, food, food bowl (only if metal), leash, collar, anything needed for a female in heat, a medical release note**, and emergency contact information***

  • $275 per week without training
  • $325 per week with training*

*Birds not included in training price (prices may vary)

  • Bobwhite Quails are $7 per bird
  • Chukars are $12 per bird
  • Pheasants are $15 per bird
  • Ducks are $18 per birds

**Medical release is a note saying that you, the owner, will pay any vet bill if the situation arises and that I, Jesse Schneeberg, have the right to seek medical attention for your dog as their caretaker.

***Emergency contact needs to be someone whom you, and your dog, trusts and is willing to be the point of contact in case of an emergency. It also should include the best way to reach you and the dates you will be boarding your dog in my care.

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