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GSP Studs

Jarod Lee’s Gauge JH

born 12/19/2020

Prize 1 N/A

CHIC#179315 Heart (normal) Eyes (normal) Thyroid (normal) Hips (excellent) Elbows (normal) Cone Degeneration (clear/normal) Von Willebrands (clear/normal)

Gauge is Jarod’s dog. Jarod works with me when I need a hand. He was originally a client for one on one training. From one of our first meetings on I told him he had something special in this dog and that the drive and trainability were not normal. This was his first hunting dog and he’s exceptional. Jarod guides hunts with him and trains with me regularly. Gauge is a great dog in the field and an amazing companion in the home.

All bitches must have a negative brucellosis test within 30 days of breeding. Please provide test results.

Breeding available to approved bitches please call/text Jarod at (920)851-6212 for more information.

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