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GWP Dams


Sure Shot’s Annie Oakley Gone Heywire JH

Multiple field trial placements     

Born: 5/5/15

OFA Elbow (normal), Thyroid (normal), Hips (good)

Annie is my solid, go-to hunter. She works hard in the field to find every bird out there and then some. She will do anything to retrieve a bird, from climbing a tree to jumping a fence that is taller than her when she is standing on her hind legs. She is a true athlete and is such a joy to hunt over. Annie has one of the sweetest personalities of all the dogs in my home and therefore is an absolute joy to have in the home.


S.T.T.P. Pointing out the Obvious JH


CHIC # 178492

Hips (excellent) Elbows (normal) Thyroid (normal) Heart (normal) Eyes (normal)

Paige is from one of my James and Annie litters. She is great representative of my breeding as she carries the strong hunting drive along with a great personality. Paige is one of my go to dogs for guiding hunts. She will find any bird out there and when the bird is shot she’s one of the best retrievers you’ll see.


STTP Seven Rivers Luck of the Draw

Hips (good) Elbows (normal) Thyroid (normal)

Echo is a great companion with a high bird drive. She has a great nose and a soft mouth. She has produced some fantastic dogs.


S.T.T.P. Changing the Landscape

CHIC # 179408

Hips (good) Elbows (normal) Thyroid (normal) Eyes (normal) Heart (normal)

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