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GWP Studs


GCH CH Schneeberg’s Justa Sure Shot Jesse James JH

NA 112 Prize 1

Multiple field trial placements 

Born: 5/12/13

CHIC #107232 (OFA) Heart (normal), Thyroid (normal), Eyes (normal), Elbows (normal), Hips (excellent)

James was my first introduction into GWPs, and I firmly believe he is a once in a lifetime dog. He has hunting drive that isn’t always seen in the field by other dogs, but is still friendly and loving in the home. James has the nose that if there is a bird in the field he will find it and the tracking ability to bring any bird hit back. He has produced multiple litters of puppies from multiple bitches that have all shown true hunting ability but have kept James’ loving demeanor in the home.



Prize 1 N/A SCORE 110

CHIC #179406 (OFA) Heart (normal) Thyroid (normal) Eyes (normal) Elbows (normal) Hips (excellent) )

Dominos was out of James and Regens first litter. Everyone that meets him falls in love with his personality. He has the ideal personality that people want to see. He is a fantastic dog in the field and I use him regularly when guiding hunts.


STTP Jesse James’ Colt 45 JH

Prize 1 N/A SCORE 108

CHIC # 179405 Heart(normal) Thyroid (normal) Eyes ( normal) Elbows ( normal) Hips ( excellent)

Colt was out of James and Regens first litter. He is my number one guide dog. Has an incredible bird drive and is a fantastic retriever. He has a great temperament in the house.

All bitches must have a negative brucellosis test within 30 days of breeding. Please provide test results.

Breeding available to approved bitches

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