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Meet the Dogs

James on a hunt

“James”- GCH CH Schneeberg’s Justa Sure Shot Jesse James JH NA 112 Prize 1           multiple field trial placements                                                                                                  Born: 5/12/13

Annie 5

“Annie”- Sure Shot’s Annie Oakley Gone Heywire JH                                                      multiple field trial placements                                                                                                   Born: 5/5/15

Annie is a German Wirehaired Pointer. She is my rock star and is the best dog I get to put out in the field on hunts. She is incredibly driven to get every single bird and to always bring back more birds than were planted. She has been known to climb trees, jump over fences, and go very long distances to retrieve a downed bird. She has brought back birds that people did not think she would be able to find or retrieve. She is small but mighty and keeps the all the boys in line. 

regen 2

“Regen”- Cynisters R N’ R Rain on the Flyway                                                                           Born: 4/13

Regen is a German Wirehaired Pointer that I got when she was a bit older. She is a very sweet dog, who likes to keep my on my toes at all times. She is not hunted as often as the others, but is still a solid hunter who will keep you smiling in the field as you watch her work. She is definitely the biggest lover of the group, and will always appreciate an ear scratching.

KC 1

“KC”- LarsKryptoniteCharlieBrown JH                                                                                     Born: 2009

KC is a German Shorthaired Pointer that I got as an 8 week old puppy. He is my oldest hunting dog, and is one of my most consistent guide dogs. He works with all the other dogs and is just overall a very solid dog to hunt over. He is also a big sweetheart, and when not hunting likes to get loved on by anyone with hands. 

“Dominos”-  STTP Knocking Them Down Dominos JH NA 108 Prize 1                               Born: 2/27/17

Colt 2

“Colt”- STTP Jesse James Colt 45 JH NA 110 Prize 1                                                                Born: 2/27/17

Colt is also from my first litter of German Wirehaired Pointer puppies (James x Regen). He is a carbon copy of his sire, so much so that sometimes I get them mixed up when I watch them work. He will cover the field like a dog twice his age and experience. He is one of my top guide dogs, even being one of the youngest in the field, and he has just been a joy to watch. One day I believe he will be better than James out in the field, and I can’t wait for that day. 

Whiskey 1

“Whiskey”- STTP Wrinkled Whiskey JH NA 112 Prize 1                                                          Born: 2/27/17

Whiskey, who is owned by Eric and Heather Blackburn, is from my first litter of German Wirehaired Pointer puppies (James x Regen). Whiskey is always willing to hunt, and gets very excited to work the fields. Eric and I have both used him to guide, and Eric has helped me on some guided hunts. This dog is a sweet love at home and a hard working hunter in the fields.  



Maggie is a Boykin Spaniel that was owned by a dear friend of mine who sadly passed away very suddenly. I use her with my pointers as the flusher so that I don’t have to go in to spook up the birds. She is a very sweet, driven dog that I enjoy using in the field. 


*NA stands for Natural Ability and is a title from NAVHDA

*JH stands for Junior Hunter and Field trials are hunting titles from AKC

*GCH is Grand Champion and CH is Champion and are confirmation show titles from AKC


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