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Previous Litters

Regen x James born 2/27/17

  • “Whiskey”- STTP Wrinkled Whiskey JH NA 112 Prize 1″Colt”- STTP Jesse James Colt 45 JH NA 110 Prize 1 “Dominos”- STTP Knocking Them Down Dominos JH NA 108 Prize 1 “Scout”- STTP Scout Little James Yang NA 112 Prize 1″Addie”- CH STTPS ATTSAGIRL@BONNIEDALE NA 112 Prize 1, CGC1, Wired Wilie

Annie x James born 8/20/17*NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Award*

  • “Charlie”- STTP Charlotte On High Point JH NA 103 Prize 2″Etta”- STTP Jamesnannies Jailbreak Merietta JH NA 112 Prize 1″Rewey”- STTP Trifecta Run of 3 Wins”Max”- STTP Maximum Point Blank Range NA 112 Prize 1″Ludo”- STTP Ludo’s Ace Up Your Sleeve”Handsome Harry”- STTP Houdini’s Vanishing Point JH NA 112 Prize 1″Mickey Mouse””Dot”- STTP Perdiddle Perdot U Owe Me A Shot JH NA 102 Prize 2″Belle”- STTP Belle Starr, Pointing Out The Obvious”Boden”- STTP Boden’s Maximum Overdrive NA 112 Prize 1″Stripe”

Regen x James born 3/5/18

  • “Cane”- STTP Hurricane On The Horizon
  • “Regen”- STTP Regen Storm NA 112 Prize 1
  • “Jetson”- STTP Dancing Between The Puddles JH NA 112 Prize 1
  • “Winnie”- STTP Winchester Chasing The Storm NA 112 Prize 1
  • “Aries”- STTP Not A Cloud In The Sky


*NA- Natural Ability is a NAVDHA title

*JH- Junior Hunter is an AKC hunt title

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