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  • board and train packages
  • average cost of birds per week is between $100 and $150 per wk.
  • 6 weeks board and train $400 per wk. plus birds = $2400 + birds
  • 8 weeks board and train packages $350 per wk. plus birds =$2800 +birds
  • 12 weeks board and train $325 per wk. plus birds= $3900 = birds
  • anything less than 6 weeks will be $400 per wk. plus birds
  • $75 per extra days
  • one on one 6 weeks session $450
  • If you want me to run your dog in AKC hunt test or NAVHDA tests it will be $100 per run plus $.60 per mile I have to drive to, plus motel if more than 4hours away

    train dogs for NAVDHA titles (Natural Ability, Utility Prep, and Utility), AKC titles (Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, Master Hunter), and can get you in contact with people who can help you show your dogs in confirmation shows.

*If you choose to work with me in training your dog. I do have a training agreement that I ask you to read and sign. It helps me keep track of you and your dog’s progress as well as lets you tell me exactly what you are hoping to achieve with your dog.

*Birds not included in training price (prices may vary)

  • Bobwhite Quails are $7 per bird
  • Chukars are $12 per bird
  • Pheasants are $15 per bird
  • Ducks are $18 per birds
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